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|'''Size in km²'''                  || 743390
|'''Size in km²'''                  || 743390
|'''Population'''                  || 14075099
|'''Population'''                  || 16211767
|'''Year of construction'''        || 1970s (est)
|'''Year of construction'''        || 1970s (est)

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National Data

Zambia Flag Zambia Flag
Country Zambia
Country code ZM
City Lusaka
Form of government Unitary Presidential Republic
Size in km² 743390
Population 16211767
Year of construction 1970s (est)


Type Horseshoe
Volume 40600


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ZM Parliament


President Sata is halting a constitutional review process that foresees an absolute majority rather than a simple majority system for future presidential elections. Parliament was surrounded by police when the conflict heated up, but Zambia counts as a progressive African democracy and has peacefully transferred power in the past. A parliamentary media center was funded and constructed by China, but foreign investors are bound to conditions.

Facts & Figures

ZM I16.png

Members of parliament 158 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 3.904
Number of women 20 HDI 0,586
Pop. per MP 102.606 Democracy index 6,28
CO2 total 3.367 CO2 per capita 0,20


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