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National Data

Venezuela Flag Venezuela Flag
Country Venezuela
Country code VE
City Caracas
Form of government Federal Presidential Republic
Size in km² 882050
Population 31108083
Year of construction 1877


Type Semi-circle
Volume 45100
Architect Luciano Urdaneta Vargas (VE)


The Palacio Federal Legislativo (English: Federal Legislative Palace), also known as the Capitolio, is a historic building in Caracas, Venezuela which now houses the National Assembly. Located southeast of the Plaza Bolívar, it was built in 1872 by President Antonio Guzman Blanco to a design by the architect Luciano Urdaneta. The Salón Elíptico, opened in 1877, is topped by an impressive golden dome.[1]

320px-PalacioLegislativo2.jpg [Wikipedia Page]


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VC Parliament


This magnificent building commissioned by President Antonio Guzman Blanco in 1872 was built to plans of the architect Luciano Urdaneta Vargas in the neoclassicist style. The façade is symmetrical with a portico in the middle and three column-like portals carried by two caryatids symbolising law and liberty.

Facts & Figures

VE I16.png

Members of parliament 167 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 16.100
Number of women 24 HDI 0,762
Pop. per MP 186.276 Democracy index 5,00
CO2 total 195.213 CO2 per capita 6,30


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Site Plan

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