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National Data

Uzbekistan Flag Uzbekistan Flag
Country Uzbekistan
Country code UZ
City Tashkent
Form of government Unitary Presidential Republic
Size in km² 425400
Population 29893488
Year of construction 1997


Type Circular
Volume 188000
Architect Valerij Akopjanyan


320px-Oliy_Majlis_%28Parliament_of_Uzbekistan%29.jpg [Wikipedia Commons]


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UZ Parliament


The classicist, domed building supported by white columns with a lavish interior of gold, granite and a chandelier weighing 4 ½ tons houses the Supreme Assembly "Oliy Majlis". Content does not, however, follow form: longterm President Karimov suppresses any serious political opposition, leaving only sham opposition parties. In the presidential elections of 2000, even the alleged opposition candidate himself openly admitted to voting for Karimov.

Facts & Figures

UZ I16.png

Members of parliament 150 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 5.573
Number of women 24 HDI 0,675
Pop. per MP 199.290 Democracy index 1,95
CO2 total 122.621 CO2 per capita 4,20


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Site Plan

Parliament overview