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National Data

Uganda Flag Uganda Flag
Country Uganda
Country code UG
City Kampala
Form of government Unitary Presidential Republic
Size in km² 199810
Population 36345860
Year of construction 1962


Type British
Volume 75900
Architect Peatfield & Bodgener (UG)


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UG Parliament


The building that houses the unicameral legislative of Uganda was commissioned when Uganda was still a British protectorate, and was complemented by the "Independence Arch" at the wake of the country's independence. The prominent water tower not only supplies water for the complex, but also indicates ongoing parliamentary sessions with light signals, a reference to the Kenyan parliament building, which includes a replica of "Big Ben".

Facts & Figures

UG I.png

Members of parliament 386 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 1329.79323944536
Number of women 135 HDI 0.456000000000001
Pop. per MP 94160.2590673575 Democracy index 5.16
CO2 total 3784.344 CO2 per capita 0.111346111256607


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