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|'''Size in km²'''                  || 54390
|'''Size in km²'''                  || 54390
|'''Population'''                  || 6642928
|'''Population'''                  || 7304578
|'''Year of construction'''        || 1975
|'''Year of construction'''        || 1975

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National Data

Togo Flag Togo Flag
Country Togo
Country code TG
City Lomé
Form of government Unitary Presidential Republic
Size in km² 54390
Population 7304578
Year of construction 1975


Type Classroom
Volume 81300


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TG Parliament


A curved, tent-shaped, free-form archway with a centrally inserted circular balcony marks the entrance of the "Palais du Congrès". This flat three-armed concave building is not only home to the national assembly – the parliament of Togo's unicameral system – but also to the National Museum whose opening was celebrated in 1975.

Facts & Figures

TG I16.png

Members of parliament 91 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 1.429
Number of women 16 HDI 0.484
Pop. per MP 80.270 Democracy index 3.41
CO2 total 2.134 CO2 per capita 0,31


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