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National Data

Tanzania Flag Tanzania Flag
Country Tanzania
Country code TZ
City Dodoma
Form of government Unitary Presidential Republic
Size in km² 885800
Population 53470420
Year of construction 2008


Type Horseshoe
Volume 55200
Architect K&M Archplans Limited (KE)


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TZ Parliament


The unicameral National Assembly building "Bunge" with a conical and vaulted roof that mimics traditional houses has a lively debating culture that borders on uncontrollable mass walkouts and shouting matches. Parliamentarians inquired into the linkage between aid and oil field licenses given to a Chinese company conglomerate. They succeeded in revoking the licenses, but the country is struggling to pay for its own development.

Facts & Figures

TZ I.png

Members of parliament 350 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 1574.77555785091
Number of women 126 HDI 0.476000000000001
Pop. per MP 136523.162857143 Democracy index 5.88
CO2 total 6846.289 CO2 per capita 0.152229977188703


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