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National Data

Syria Flag Syria Flag
Country Syria
Country code SY
City Damascus
Form of government Unitary Semi-Presidential Republic
Size in km² 183630
Population 22399254
Year of construction 1954


Type Horseshoe
Volume 21300


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SY Parliament


The building with the ornate facade housing the unicameral People's Council "Majlis al-Sha'ab" draws on elements from Abbasid and Fatimid architecture. Until 2012 Syria was constitutionally a single-party state, ruled by Assad's Baath party, and elections in 2012 were held among open warfare and boycotted by the opposition. A coalition of opposition forces aiming to replace Bashar al-Assad's government has formed an interim government.

Facts & Figures

SY I16.png

Members of parliament 250 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 5.100
Number of women 31 HDI 0,594
Pop. per MP 74.010 Democracy index 1,43
CO2 total 52.681 CO2 per capita 2,40


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