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National Data

Switzerland Flag Switzerland Flag
Country Switzerland
Country code CH
City Bern
Form of government Federal Directoral Republic
Size in km² 40000
Population 8298663
Year of construction 1902


Type Semi-circle
Volume 199300
Architect Hans Wilhelm Auer (CH)


The Federal Palace (German: Bundeshaus, French: Palais fédéral, Italian: Palazzo federale, Romansh: Chasa federala, Latin: Curia Confoederationis Helveticae) is the name of the building in Bern in which the SwissFederal Assembly (federal parliament) and the Federal Council are housed. It consists of a central parliament building and two wings (eastern and western) housing government departments and a library.

320px-Bundeshaus_Bern_2009%2C_Flooffy.jpg [Wikipedia Page]


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CH Parliament


The Swiss "Bundeshaus" is a fine example of late 19th century parliamentary building design. With a combination of monumental gesture, materials from all Swiss cantons and reflection of national myths in its architecture and interior painting, this building represents a national monument to honour the unification of the Swiss Confederation.

Facts & Figures

CH I16.png

Members of parliament 200 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 57.235
Number of women 64 HDI 0,930
Pop. per MP 41.493 Democracy index 9,09
CO2 total 40.229 CO2 per capita 4,93


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Site Plan

Parliament overview


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