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National Data

Sweden Flag Sweden Flag
Country Sweden
Country code SE
City Stockholm
Form of government Unitary Parliamentary Monarchy
Size in km² 410340
Population 9516617
Year of construction 1905


Type Semi-circle
Volume 256800
Architect Aron Johansson (SE)


The Parliament House (Swedish: Riksdagshuset), is the seat of the parliament of Sweden, the Riksdag. It is located on nearly half of Helgeandsholmen (island), in the Gamla stan (old town) district of central Stockholm.

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SE Parliament


The Swedish "Riksdag" is located in a building complex that was originally intended for the Parliament and the State bank. The State bank was situated in the rear, semi-circular structure, where today's assembly rooms for the political fractions are. The newly erected plenary hall is located on the top floor, offering panoramic views over the city. Just as in Norway, the Swedish parliament’s seating plan is arranged according to regions, not political parties.

Facts & Figures

SE I.png

Members of parliament 349 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 43021.1442153481
Number of women 157 HDI 0.916000000000002
Pop. per MP 27268.2435530086 Democracy index 9.73
CO2 total 52515.107 CO2 per capita 5.59974423461574


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