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National Data

Sudan Flag Sudan Flag
Country Sudan
Country code SD
City Khartoum
Form of government Federal Presidential Republic
Size in km² 2376000
Population 40234882
Year of construction 1960s (est)


Type Circular
Volume 108400


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SD Parliament


Sudan's bicameral parliament operates on the basis of the interim constitution from 2005. A new constitution is being written following South Sudan's independence, but the opposition and civil society are excluded from the process. Nearly continuous civil war since 1956, a president charged with genocide and rigged elections obstruct democracy in the country, whose oilfields are dominated by China in exchange for aid.

Facts & Figures

SD I16.png

Members of parliament 426 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 4.069
Number of women 130 HDI 0,479
Pop. per MP 94.448 Democracy index 2,37
CO2 total 17.267 CO2 per capita 0,40


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