South Sudan

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National Data

South Sudan Flag South Sudan Flag
Country South Sudan
Country code SS
City Juba
Form of government Federal Presidential Republic
Size in km² 644329
Population 10837527
Year of construction 2000s


Type Semi-circle
Volume 48300


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SS Parliament


Since the current transitional constitution concedes enormous power to President Salva Kiir – he is politically immune and has the power to dissolve the parliament – the country is not an elective democracy. The first permanent constitution is to be drafted by 2015. However, this crucial step is likely to be further postponed because of the bloody conflict in connection with the vice president's failed coup d’état in December 2013.

Facts & Figures

SS I16.png

Members of parliament 332 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 2.019
Number of women 88 HDI 0,467
Pop. per MP 37.168 Democracy index /
CO2 total / CO2 per capita /


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