South Africa

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National Data

South Africa Flag South Africa Flag
Country South Africa
Country code ZA
City Cape Town
Form of government Federal Parliamentary Republic
Size in km² 1213090
Population 51189306
Year of construction 1876 / 1884 / 1920s (ext) 


Type Horseshoe
Volume 151700
Architect Charles Freeman (GB), Henry Greaves (GB)/ Herbert Baker (GB, ext)


The Houses of Parliament of South Africa are situated in Cape Town. The Building consists of three main sections, with the original building completed in 1884, with later editions added in the 1920s, and again in the 1980s. The newest addition currently houses the National Assembly, being the lower house of the Parliament of South Africa, while the original building houses the National Council of Provinces, which is the upper house of the Parliament of South Africa.

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ZA Parliament


Architect Charles Freeman designed a domed edifice for what was then the Parliament of the Cape of Good Hope, but poorly judged the building’s foundation. The dome was never built and architect Henry Greaves undertook the finalisation of the parliament. The adjacent House of Assembly, which was added as one of several architectural changes, mimics the style of the Westminster model and reflects a tumultuous constitutional past of war and racial tricameralism.

Facts & Figures

ZA I16.png

Members of parliament 400 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 13.046
Number of women 168 HDI 0,666
Pop. per MP 136.226 Democracy index 7,56
CO2 total 392.719 CO2 per capita 7,40


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