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{| class='righttable'
{| class='righttable'
|'''Type'''                          || unknown
|'''Type'''                          || Classroom
|'''Volume'''                        || 49000
|'''Volume'''                        || 49000

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National Data

Somalia Flag Somalia Flag
Country Somalia
Country code SO
City Mogadishu
Form of government Federal Parliamentary Republic
Size in km² 627340
Population 10195134
Year of construction 1972 / 2013


Type Classroom
Volume 49000
Architect MAJOVAKI (IT)


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SO Parliament


Somalia's parliament used to convene in a building in the capital Mogadishu that was renowned for its well-balanced alignment and elegant proportions. After suffering severe damage during the 2010 civil war, the building lay in ruins. It was partially rebuilt with the help of Turkey in 2012.

Facts & Figures

SO I.png

Members of parliament 275 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 600
Number of women 38 HDI /
Pop. per MP 37073.2145454545 Democracy index
CO2 total 608.722 CO2 per capita 0.0631705138544109


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Site Plan

Parliament overview