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National Data

Serbia Flag Serbia Flag
Country Serbia
Country code RS
City Belgrade
Form of government Unitary Parliamentary Republic
Size in km² 87460
Population 7223887
Year of construction 1936


Type Semi-circle
Volume 106500
Architect Jovan Ilkić (RS)/ Pavle Ilkić (RS)


The House of the National Assembly (Serbian: Дом Народне Скупштине / Dom Narodne Skupštine) is the seat of the National Assembly of Serbia. The building is located on Nikola Pašić Square in downtown Belgrade, and is a notable landmark and tourist attraction in the city. Between its completion in 1938 and 2006, it was the seat of the Parliament of Yugoslavia and later the Parliament of Serbia and Montenegro.

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RS Parliament


The National Assembly "Skupština" is housed in a domed building with a grand portico in the style of classical rationalism. Its construction was postponed due to the outbreak of World War I which led to a number of stylistic modifications in order to accommodate the bicameral parliament of the former Kingdom of Yugoslavia. During the October Overthrow of Milošević in 2000, the building was damaged and some of its interior art work looted.

Facts & Figures

RS I.png

Members of parliament 250 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 11801.2738223249
Number of women 84 HDI 0.769000000000001
Pop. per MP 28895.548 Democracy index 6.33
CO2 total 45962.178 CO2 per capita 6.30358382080018


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