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National Data

Russia Flag Russia Flag
Country Russia
Country code RU
City Moscow
Form of government Federal Semi-Presidential Republic
Size in km² 16376870
Population 143456918
Year of construction 1935


Type Classroom
Volume 373500
Architect Arkady Langman (UA)


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RU Parliament


The Russian "Duma" is the lower house of the Russian Federation. Built in constructivist style, this 10-storey building’s eventful history includes housing the Soviet Council of Ministers prior to a change in the constitution in 1993, when today's bicameral parliament replaced the Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union. Russian parliament has the right to override the President's veto. In the so-called hunter’s row in sight distance of the Kremlin, the façade of this monumental building still bears the old Soviet coat of arms.

Facts & Figures

RU I16.png

Members of parliament 450 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 25.636
Number of women 61 HDI 0,798
Pop. per MP 318.793 Democracy index 3,31
CO2 total 1.766.427 CO2 per capita 12,4


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