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National Data

Portugal Flag Portugal Flag
Country Portugal
Country code PT
City Lisbon
Form of government Unitary Semi-Presidential Republic
Size in km² 91470
Population 10349803
Year of construction 1598 / 1999


Type Horseshoe
Volume 235900
Architect Baltazar Alvares (PS)/ Fernando Távora (PS, ext)


The Palácio de São Bento, "Saint Benedict's Palace", is the home of the Assembly of the Republic, the Portuguese parliament. It is located in Lisbon. Close to Bairro Alto, the Palace of São Bento has historically been the seat of the former Portuguese parliaments, such the National Assembly (Assembleia Nacional) during the Estado Novo regime, the Congress of the Republic during the First Republic, and the Cortes during the Constitutional Monarchy. Nearby is the official residence of Portugal's Prime Minister.

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PT Parliament


Once a Benedictine monastery, "São Bento Palace" houses the Assembly of the Republic. The once even more stately structure was severely damaged in the earthquake of 1755 and later nationalised when religious orders were expelled. A fire in 1895 led to the palace's restructuring in the neoclassical style, the stairs with the two marble lions flanking it were added in 1941. Today, the prime minister's office is situated in the rear of the building.

Facts & Figures

PT I16.png

Members of parliament 230 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 28.393
Number of women 80 HDI 0,830
Pop. per MP 44.999 Democracy index 7,79
CO2 total 48.255 CO2 per capita 4,50


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