Papua New Guinea

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National Data

Papua New Guinea Flag Papua New Guinea Flag
Country Papua New Guinea
Country code PG
City Port Moresby
Form of government Unitary Parliamentary Monarchy
Size in km² 452860
Population 7619321
Year of construction 1984


Type Horseshoe
Volume 169200
Architect Cecil Hogan (AU)


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PG Parliament


In December 2013, the Speaker of Parliament, Theo Zurenuoc, caused quite a stir when he had carvings removed from the lintel over the portal to parliament, claiming that they were demonic and cursed. Commentators see Zurenuoc’s actions not as a sign of magical beliefs, but rather as a targeted strategy to create a new national symbolism distinct from traditional forms.

Facts & Figures

PG I16.png

Members of parliament 111 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 2.855
Number of women 3 HDI 0,505
Pop. per MP 68.643 Democracy index 6,03
CO2 total 7.118 CO2 per capita 0,95


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