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National Data

Palau Flag Palau Flag
Country Palau
Country code PW
City Ngerulmud
Form of government Unitary Presidential Republic
Size in km² 460
Population 21291
Year of construction 2006


Type Horseshoe
Volume 76900
Architect Joe Farrell (Architects Hawaii Limited, US)


320px-Capitol%2C_Melekeok%2C_Palau.jpg [Wikipedia Page]


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PW Parliament


Palau's bicameral parliament building "Olbiil Era Kelulau" is a miniature replica of Washington's Capitol and sits on a hill overlooking the small city which counts a mere 391 inhabitants. As part of the so-called Capitol-Complex funded by low-interest loans from Taiwan, it was newly constructed when the country's capital was moved from Koror, the biggest city, to Melekeok state on the biggest island, in an effort to redistribute power among the altogether 250 islands.

Facts & Figures

PW I16.png

Members of parliament 16 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 14.757
Number of women 0 HDI 0,780
Pop. per MP 1.331 Democracy index /
CO2 total 33 CO2 per capita 1,56


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