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National Data

Oman Flag Oman Flag
Country Oman
Country code OM
City Muscat
Form of government Unitary Absolute Monarchy
Size in km² 309500
Population 4490541
Year of construction 2012


Type British
Volume 779900
Architect Moller Architects (NZ)


320px-Council_of_State_of_Oman.jpg [Wikipedia Commons]


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OM Parliament


Inspired by Omani tradition, Moller Architects' entry won the internationally tendered competition for the design of "Majlis Oman". This 750 million dollar project was completed within three years. Its main structural elements consist of massive load-bearing walls with small-format openings in order to reduce the impact of solar radiation as well as for security reasons.

Facts & Figures

OM I16.png

Members of parliament 84 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 38.631
Number of women 1 HDI 0,793
Pop. per MP 52.830 Democracy index 3,04
CO2 total 74.288 CO2 per capita 18,92


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