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National Data

Mongolia Flag Mongolia Flag
Country Mongolia
Country code MN
City Ulan Bator
Form of government Unitary Parliamentary Republic
Size in km² 1553560
Population 2959134
Year of construction 2006


Type Horseshoe
Volume 252400


The Government Palace (Mongolian: Засгын газрын ордон, Zasgiin gazriin ordon) of Mongolia is located on the north side of Sükhbaatar Square, Ulaanbaatar. It houses various state organs such as the legislative State Great Khural, offices of president, prime minister and members of State Great Khural. It is sometimes referred to by Ulaanbaatar residents as the "Saaral Ordon", or "Gray Palace" in the Mongolian language due to the exterior's color.

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MN Parliament


Visitors to the parliament building of the world's least populated landlocked country are hailed by a statue of Genghis Khan seated on a throne upon the building's central axis. The façade boasts lavish marble and brass decorations. Symmetrically arranged glazed superstructures on the roof are reminiscent of nomad yurts.

Facts & Figures

MN I16.png

Members of parliament 76 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 11.946
Number of women 11 HDI 0,727
Pop. per MP 38.936 Democracy index 6,62
CO2 total 14.696 CO2 per capita 5,10


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