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National Data

Monaco Flag Monaco Flag
Country Monaco
Country code MC
City Monaco-Ville
Form of government Unitary Parliamentary Principality
Size in km² 2
Population 37731
Year of construction 2012


Type Semi-circle
Volume 20400
Architect Jean-Michel Ughes, Cédric Reneville (Archistudio, MC)


320px-Conseil_national_de_Monaco.JPG [Wikipedia Commons]


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MC Parliament


A semi-sphere forms the characteristic element in the new "Conseil National". Clearly visible behind a glass façade, it projects the form of the plenary hall onto the outside, thus presenting the building’s purpose to the public. Before then, the National Council had held its meetings at the former Museum of Anthropology, where, due to the lack of office space, members of parliament had their desks in the corridors.

Facts & Figures

MC I16.png

Members of parliament 24 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 78.700
Number of women 5 HDI /
Pop. per MP 1.572 Democracy index /
CO2 total / CO2 per capita /


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Site Plan

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