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National Data

Macedonia Flag Macedonia Flag
Country Macedonia
Country code MK
City Skopje
Form of government Unitary Parliamentary Republic
Size in km² 25220
Population 2078453
Year of construction 1938


Type Classroom
Volume 76600
Architect Victor J. Hudak (CZ)/ Biljana Ivanovska (CZ, ext)


320px-Skopje_-_Parlamentsgeb%C3%A4ude_der_Republik_Mazedonien.jpg [Wikipedia Page]


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MK Parliament


Although Macedonia has existed under different governments and within varying borders since the construction of its parliament building, the building has always been used as a place of assembly. Since 2010, it has been continually adapted and extended, for example, to include a large cupola above the central axis. These extensions are expected to yield an additional 3900 m² of utility space.

Facts & Figures

MK I16.png

Members of parliament 123 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 13.142
Number of women 41 HDI 0,747
Pop. per MP 16.898 Democracy index 6,02
CO2 total 9.491 CO2 per capita 4,50


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