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National Data

Lithuania Flag Lithuania Flag
Country Lithuania
Country code LT
City Vilnius
Form of government Unitary Parliamentary Republic
Size in km² 62674
Population 2878405
Year of construction 1980 / 2007 (ext)


Type Semi-circle
Volume 128300
Architect Algimantas & Vytautas Nasvytis (LT), Robertas Stasėnas (LT)


Seimas Palace (Lithuanian: Seimo rūmai) is the seat of the Seimas, the Lithuanian parliament. It is loocated in Lithuania's capital Vilnius. Works on the construction of the first wing of palace were carried out in 1976. The construction was supervised by architects Algimantas Nasvytis and Vytautas Nasvytis. In 1980 9717,37 square meters palace works were completed. Later the building was expanded due to growing needs.

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LT Parliament


The tripartite Seimas Palace is home to the Lithuanian "Seimas" parliament. Designed by the brothers Algimantas and Vytautas Nasvytis who had actively participated in the Lithuanian "Sąjūdis" independency movement, this building integrates the barricades of 13th January 1991.Those barricades had been erected in order to protect the building, and thus national independence, against pro-Soviet fighters.

Facts & Figures

LT I16.png

Members of parliament 141 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 26.742
Number of women 33 HDI 0,839
Pop. per MP 20.414 Democracy index 7,54
CO2 total 12.349 CO2 per capita 4,11


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