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National Data

Libya Flag Libya Flag
Country Libya
Country code LY
City Tripoli
Form of government Unitary Parliamentary Republic
Size in km² 1759540
Population 6278438
Year of construction 2010


Type Horseshoe
Volume 252200
Architect Tabanlıoğlu Architects (TR)


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LY Parliament


The National Congress, which has replaced the National Transitional Council since the end of civil war, holds its sessions in a contemporary building once planned as a congress centre. Surrounded by woodland, the building’s spacious entrance hall opens up into the surrounding countryside. The main building is flanked by a water basin that provides cool air circulation.

Facts & Figures

LY I16.png

Members of parliament 188 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 15.597
Number of women 30 HDI 0,724
Pop. per MP 33.396 Democracy index 2,25
CO2 total 50.604 CO2 per capita 8,09


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