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National Data

Liberia Flag Liberia Flag
Country Liberia
Country code LR
City Monrovia
Form of government Unitary Presidential Republic
Size in km² 96320
Population 4503438
Year of construction 1956


Type Classroom
Volume 45700
Architect Robert R. Köster (DE) / Monrovia General Construction Company (LR)


320px-Liberian_Capitol_Building.jpg [Wikipedia Commons]


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LR Parliament


The "Capitol Building" faces the President's mansion in the government quarter of Capitol Hill, paying tribute to the fact that the Liberian government is modelled on that of the USA. The design of the Capitol itself, which was partly damaged by a fire in 2013, also mimics its American counterpart. Despite these monumental buildings, the government is contemplating to move the capital away from the coast due to climate change and a growing population.

Facts & Figures

LR I16.png

Members of parliament 73 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 841
Number of women 8 HDI 0,430
Pop. per MP 61.691 Democracy index 4,95
CO2 total 808 CO2 per capita 0,18


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