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National Data

Laos Flag Laos Flag
Country Laos
Country code LA
City Vientiane
Form of government Single-Party Socialist Republic
Size in km² 230800
Population 6802023
Year of construction 1990 (est)


Type Classroom
Volume 23200


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LA Parliament


The National Assembly is the unicameral parliament of Laos. Laos is a single-party state, dominated by the Revolutionary People's Party as the sole decision-maker. Despite the creation of the parliament in 1991 to replace the former Supreme People's Assembly, Laos is not an electoral democracy, as candidates for the National Assembly are selected by the Party. Currently a mere 4 out of 132 seats in the assembly are held by independent representatives.

Facts & Figures

LA I16.png

Members of parliament 132 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 5.321
Number of women 33 HDI 0,575
Pop. per MP 51.530 Democracy index 2,21
CO2 total 3.374 CO2 per capita 0,49


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