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National Data

Kuwait Flag Kuwait Flag
Country Kuwait
Country code KW
City Kuwait City
Form of government Unitary Parliamentary Monarchy
Size in km² 17820
Population 3892115
Year of construction 1982 / 1992 (rec)


Type Semi-circle
Volume 253300
Architect Jan und Jørn Utzon (DK)


The Kuwait National Assembly Building, designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon in 1972, was completed in 1982 under the direction of his son Jan. The structural design was by Max Walt. The building was seriously damaged in February 1991 when the retreating Iraqi troops set it on fire but it has since been restored.

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KW Parliament


The design of the National Assembly in Kuwait is reminiscent of a souk, while the canopy mimics Bedouin desert tents. During Gulf War I, the retreating Iraqi forces set fire to the building, resulting in partial damage that has since been restored. The Parliament was the first of the region and plays an active role in monitoring the government, as it has the constitutional right to approve and disapprove the ruling emir.

Facts & Figures

KW I16.png

Members of parliament 65 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 73.246
Number of women 1 HDI 0,816
Pop. per MP 59.879 Democracy index 3,85
CO2 total 98.559 CO2 per capita 28,33


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Site Plan

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Kuwait Parliament Building
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