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National Data

Kiribati Flag Kiribati Flag
Country Kiribati
Country code KI
City South Tarawa
Form of government Unitary Parliamentary Republic
Size in km² 810
Population 112423
Year of construction 2000


Type Horseshoe
Volume 13900
Architect Raymond Architectural Design Office (JP)


The heart of any Kiribati community is its maneaba or meeting house. The maneaba is not just the biggest building in any village, it is the centre of village life and the basis of island and national governance. A traditional maneaba is an imposing structure, with slabs of coral supporting a huge roof formed from coconut wood, held together with coconut string and thatched with pandanus leaves. The whole community is involved in its construction, and every aspect of the maneaba has a symbolic as well as a practical function.

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KI Parliament


The "Maneaba Ni Maungatabu" is the unicameral parliament of Kiribati. The modern building was inaugurated in 2000 and mimics the style of traditional Kiribati huts. The structure which overlooks the ocean was built by a Japanese construction company. During World War II, the island nation was occupied by Japan and a site for US-Japanese warfare.

Facts & Figures

KI I16.png

Members of parliament 46 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 1.809
Number of women 3 HDI 0,590
Pop. per MP 2.444 Democracy index /
CO2 total 42 CO2 per capita 0,40


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