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National Data

Japan Flag Japan Flag
Country Japan
Country code JP
City Tokyo
Form of government Unitary Parliamentary Monarchy
Size in km² 364500
Population 126573481
Year of construction 1936


Type Semi-circle
Volume 644800
Architect Watanabe Fukuzo (JP), Takeuchi Shinshichi (JP)


The National Diet Building (国会議事堂 Kokkai-gijidō?) is the place where both houses of the Diet of Japan meet. It is located at 1-chome, Nagatachō, Chiyoda, Tokyo. Sessions of the House of Representatives take place in the left wing and sessions of the House of Councillors in the right wing. The Diet Building was completed in 1936 and is constructed purely out of Japanese building materials, with the exception of the stained glass, door locks, and pneumatic tube system.

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JP Parliament


Berlin architects Wilhelm Böckmann and Hermann Ende, who had been invited to Tokyo as town planners in 1886, were the first to draft a design for the Japanese parliament. However, a temporary building was erected in 1890 instead of their monumental design. In 1918, Watanabe Fukuzo won the competition to design a new building. The tower and portico were built in a more contemporary style, inspired by another competition entry by Takeuchi Shinshichi.

Facts & Figures

JP I16.png

Members of parliament 475 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 36.426
Number of women 45 HDI 0,891
Pop. per MP 266.470 Democracy index 7,96
CO2 total 1.278.922 CO2 per capita 10,10


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