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National Data

Jamaica Flag Jamaica Flag
Country Jamaica
Country code JM
City Kingston
Form of government Unitary Parliamentary Monarchy
Size in km² 10830
Population 2793335
Year of construction 1960


Type British
Volume 7200
Architect Wilson Chong and Hoeck (JM)


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JM Parliament


Jamaica's bicameral parliament is seated at the "George William Gordon House", named after a member of the House of Assembly - a predecessor to today's parliament - who was accused of instigating a revolt against colonial rule. A new building is in planning, as "Gordon House" only has one chamber. The Jamaican diaspora overseas might fund a new structure, as the country currently lives under the strict auspices of an IMF agreement on behalf of its indebtedness.

Facts & Figures

JM I16.png

Members of parliament 63 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 8.875
Number of women 8 HDI 0,719
Pop. per MP 44.339 Democracy index 7,39
CO2 total 8.298 CO2 per capita 2,96


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