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National Data

Iran Flag Iran Flag
Country Iran
Country code IR
City Tehran
Form of government Unitary Presidential Islamic Republic
Size in km² 1628550
Population 79109272
Year of construction 2004


Type Semi-circle
Volume 369400
Architect Polmir Consulting Architects Engineers & Planners Co. (IR)


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IR Parliament


The Islamic Consultative Assembly of Iran or "Majlis" is housed in a modern building, shaped like a pyramid. The unicameral parliament can draft, debate, and pass legislation, but requires the approval of the Guardian Council for its decisions to turn into law. Candidacies for parliament are also approved or disqualified by the Guardian Council, which is in turn overseen by the Supreme Leader, leading to a high concentration of power at the top.

Facts & Figures

IR I16.png

Members of parliament 290 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 17.303
Number of women 9 HDI 0,766
Pop. per MP 272.791 Democracy index 2,16
CO2 total 618.197 CO2 per capita 7,90


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Site Plan

Parliament overview


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Iran Parliament Building
Parliament Building:
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Iran Plenary
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