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|'''Members of parliament'''
|'''Members of parliament'''
|'''GPD per capita in PPP in US$'''
|'''GPD per capita in PPP in US$'''

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National Data

Guinea-Bissau Flag Guinea-Bissau Flag
Country Guinea-Bissau
Country code GW
City Bissau
Form of government Unitary Semi-Presidential Republic
Size in km² 28120
Population 1844325
Year of construction 2004


Type Classroom
Volume 18500


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GW Parliament


The Palace of the People and seat of "Assembleia Nacional Popular da Guiné-Bissau" consists of a central circular building topped by a truncated cone, which houses the plenary hall, and two elongated wings on either side for the administrative body. Its material and stylistic elements originate from the generic repertoire of international monumental construction. This construction project was funded by the People’s Republic of China.

Facts & Figures

GW I16.png

Members of parliament 102 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 1.386
Number of women 14 HDI 0,420
Pop. per MP 18.082 Democracy index 1,93
CO2 total 322 CO2 per capita 0,18


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