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National Data

Greece Flag Greece Flag
Country Greece
Country code GR
City Athens
Form of government Unitary Parliamentary Republic
Size in km² 128900
Population 10954617
Year of construction 1847


Type Semi-circle
Volume 153900
Architect Bavaria Friedrich von Gärtner (DE)


The Old Royal Palace (Greek: Παλαιά Ανάκτορα) is the former royal palace in Athens, Greece. The palace faces onto the Syntagma Square and now houses the Hellenic Parliament. The palace was designed by Friedrich von Gärtner for King Otto of Greece and was completed in 1843. As it served originally as a palace for the Greek monarchs, it is sometimes still referred to as the "Old Palace". After suffering fire damage in 1909, it entered a long period of renovation. The King and Royal Family moved to what was from 1897 until then the Crown Prince's Palace, from then on known as the "New Palace", one block to the east on Herodou Attikou Street, while some royals continued to reside in the "Old Palace" until 1924, when a referendum abolished the monarchy. The building was then used for many different purposes—functioning as a makeshift hospital, a museum, et al.—until November 1929, when the Government decided that the building would permanently house Parliament. After more extensive renovations, the Senate convened in the "Old Palace" (Παλαιά Ανάκτορα) on 2 August 1934, followed by the Fifth National Assembly on 1 July 1935. Although the monarchy was restored that same year, the building has housed Parliament ever since.

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GR Parliament


The Greek parliament building is sometimes still referred to as the "Old Royal Palace", as its original purpose was as a royal palace for King Otto of Greece. With the abolition of the monarchy, the building with the square plot, large portico and two interior courtyards was put to different purposes. Although the monarchy was reinstated briefly in 1935, Greece's now unicameral parliament has convened in the palace ever since.

Facts & Figures

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Members of parliament 300 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 25.877
Number of women 59 HDI 0,865
Pop. per MP 36.515 Democracy index 7,45
CO2 total 71.062 CO2 per capita 6,40


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