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National Data

Germany Flag Germany Flag
Country Germany
Country code DE
City Berlin
Form of government Federal Parliamentary Republic
Size in km² 348570
Population 80688545
Year of construction 1894 / 1999 (ren)


Type Semi-circle
Volume 334100
Architect Paul Wallot (DE)/ Norman Robert Foster (GB, ren)


The Reichstag building (German: Reichstagsgebäude; officially: Plenarbereich Reichstagsgebäude) is a historical edifice in Berlin, Germany, constructed to house the Imperial Diet (German: Reichstag), of the German Empire. It was opened in 1894 and housed the Diet until 1933, when it was severely damaged in a fire. After World War II, the building fell into disuse; the parliament of the German Democratic Republic (the Volkskammer) met in the Palast der Republik in East Berlin, while the parliament of the Federal Republic of Germany (the Bundestag) met in the Bundeshaus in Bonn.

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DE Parliament


The "Reichstag" building has survived three different forms of government and five varying territories: built during the German Empire, it was abused for persecuting political opponents ("Reichstag Fire") in the National Socialist period before being used for plenary meetings once again after reunification. The steel-and-glass dome was a bone of contention even when it was built. It finally became the dominant element once again in the Foster+Partners project.

Facts & Figures

DE I16.png

Members of parliament 631 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 45.802
Number of women 230 HDI 0,916
Pop. per MP 127.874 Democracy index 8,64
CO2 total 767.146 CO2 per capita 9,30


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