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National Data

Finland Flag Finland Flag
Country Finland
Country code FI
City Helsinki
Form of government Unitary Parliamentary Republic
Size in km² 303890
Population 5503457
Year of construction 1931


Type Semi-circle
Volume 195600
Architect Johan Sigfrid Sirén (FI)


Parliament House (Finnish: Eduskuntatalo, Swedish: Riksdagshuset) is the seat of the Parliament of Finland. It is located in the Finnish capital of Helsinki, in the district of Töölö.

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FI Parliament


The classicist building of the Finnish parliament was extended twice in the course of its history – in 1978 and 2004. Europe’s most densely wooded country opted for panelling in different types of wood for the conference rooms in the most recent annex: ash, maple, birch, black poplar, alder, pine and elm are also the names of the various rooms.

Facts & Figures

FI I16.png

Members of parliament 200 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 39.981
Number of women 83 HDI 0,883
Pop. per MP 27.517 Democracy index 9,03
CO2 total 54.793 CO2 per capita 10,07


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