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National Data

Fiji Flag Fiji Flag
Country Fiji
Country code FJ
City Suva
Form of government Unitary Parliamentary Republic
Size in km² 18270
Population 892145
Year of construction 1992


Type Horseshoe
Volume 27600
Architect Vitia Architects (FJ)


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FJ Parliament


Today's parliament building in Fiji was built after the military putsch in 1987: characteristically, the architecture is dominated by autochthonous structures. Clear reference is made to the traditional Fijian dwelling – an allusion to the fact that the military putsch was characterised by ethnic conflict, particularly discrimination against the political and economic presence of the Fiji Indians. After the upcoming general elections in September 2014, the assembly plans to relocate to the government building complex in Suva.

Facts & Figures

FJ I16.png

Members of parliament 50 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 8.792
Number of women 8 HDI 0,727
Pop. per MP 17.843 Democracy index 5,69
CO2 total 1.345 CO2 per capita 1,52


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