Democratic Republic of Congo

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National Data

Democratic Republic of Congo Flag Democratic Republic of Congo Flag
Country Democratic Republic of Congo
Country code CD
City Kinshasa
Form of government Unitary Semi-Presidential Republic
Size in km² 2267050
Population 77266814
Year of construction 1979


Type Classroom
Volume 374700


320px-Palais_du_peuple_de_la_RDC.jpg [Wikipedia Commons]


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CD Parliament


After a visit to China, former President Mobuto Sese Seko commissioned China with the construction of the Palace of the People. The colossal mansion, built from marble and richly decorated with gold leaf, houses the nearly 100 different parties that almost hold 500 seats altogether. Despite this fragmented opposition, the parliament attempts to review the country’s growing number of resource-exploitation contracts, many of which have been made with China.

Facts & Figures

CD I16.png

Members of parliament 492 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 746
Number of women 44 HDI 0,433
Pop. per MP 157.046 Democracy index 2,11
CO2 total 3.984 CO2 per capita 0,10


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Site Plan

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