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National Data

Cyprus Flag Cyprus Flag
Country Cyprus
Country code CY
City Nicosia
Form of government Unitary Presidential Republic
Size in km² 9240
Population 1165300
Year of construction 2006


Type Horseshoe
Volume 31500
Architect Kythreotis Architects (CY)


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CY Parliament


The modern unicameral parliament of Nicosia is styled after the ancient Greek agora and amphitheatre as places of gathering and debate. At the same time, one central dialogue does not take place in the Cypriot parliament: the twenty-four seats reserved for Turkish members of parliament have remained empty since 1974. Despite intensive negotiation efforts, the island is still divided into a north and south half.

Facts & Figures

CY I16.png

Members of parliament 56 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 30.873
Number of women 7 HDI 0,850
Pop. per MP 20.809 Democracy index 7,53
CO2 total 7.237 CO2 per capita 6,28


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