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National Data

Cuba Flag Cuba Flag
Country Cuba
Country code CU
City Havana
Form of government Single-Party Socialist Republic
Size in km² 106440
Population 11389562
Year of construction 1929


Type Classroom
Volume 467500
Architect Raúl Otero and Eugenio Rayneri Piedra (CU)


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CU Parliament


This monumental building with a cupola resembling that of the Paris Panthéon lost its function following the 1959 revolution. Towering above the entrance hall at a height of over 15 metres, the golden statue of the Republic now guards the Academy of Sciences which has resided here ever since. The building, which has undergone renovation work since 2013, will serve as the seat of the national assembly when it is finished. At present, this body assembles in a 1970s congress centre.

Facts & Figures

CU I16.png

Members of parliament 612 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 10.200
Number of women 299 HDI 0,769
Pop. per MP 18.610 Democracy index 3,52
CO2 total 30.242 CO2 per capita 2,70


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