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National Data

Croatia Flag Croatia Flag
Country Croatia
Country code HR
City Zagreb
Form of government Unitary Parliamentary Republic
Size in km² 55960
Population 4240317
Year of construction 1737 / 1911


Type Semi-circle
Volume 80700
Architect Lav Kalda and Karlo Susan


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HR Parliament


Although it had existed ever since the 13th century, the Croatian parliament only held its first session in its own building in 1737. Since this building soon became too small, neighbouring houses were purchased and merged to form a large palace. Because of this gradual process of adaptation, the parliament building represents a stylistic mixture of neo-classicism, neo-renaissance and art nouveau.

Facts & Figures

HR I16.png

Members of parliament 151 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 21.210
Number of women 23 HDI 0,818
Pop. per MP 28.082 Democracy index 6,93
CO2 total 20.677 CO2 per capita 4,84


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