Central African Republic

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National Data

Central African Republic Flag Central African Republic Flag
Country Central African Republic
Country code CF
City Bangui
Form of government Republic with Interim Government
Size in km² 622980
Population 4900274
Year of construction 1960s (est)


Type Classroom
Volume 86000


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CF Parliament


"A hot breeze blows down empty corridors of the mostly vacant national assembly building here", states the NY Times in January 2014, commenting on the ongoing violence and lawlessness, in which the CAR has drifted into. The extensively fenced off parliamentary building nevertheless meets the representational pretension formulated by CAR’s political elites.

Facts & Figures

CF I16.png

Members of parliament 105 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 594
Number of women 13 HDI 0,350
Pop. per MP 46.669 Democracy index 1,57
CO2 total 737 CO2 per capita 0,16


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