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National Data

Canada Flag Canada Flag
Country Canada
Country code CA
City Ottawa
Form of government Federal Parliamentary Monarchy
Size in km² 9093510
Population 35939927
Year of construction 1920


Type British
Volume 417800
Architect John A. Pearson, Jean Omer Marchand (GB)


The Centre Block (in French: Édifice du centre) is the main building of the Canadian parliamentary complex on Parliament Hill, in Ottawa, Ontario, containing the House of Commons and Senate chambers, as well as the offices of a number of members of parliament, senators, and senior administration for both legislative houses. It is also the location of several ceremonial spaces, such as the Hall of Honour, the Memorial Chamber, and Confederation Hall.

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CA Parliament


Up until 1955, cats were employed by the Canadian parliament to control various rodents in the building: although they were gradually replaced by pesticides, the retired parliamentary cats did not leave "Parliamentary Hill" – and a small colony was still looked after by volunteers until 2013.

Facts & Figures

CA I16.png

Members of parliament 338 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 44.057
Number of women 88 HDI 0,913
Pop. per MP 106.331 Democracy index 9,08
CO2 total 565.992 CO2 per capita 15,90


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