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== Wikipedia ==
== Wikipedia ==
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National Data

Cambodia Flag Cambodia Flag
Country Cambodia
Country code KH
City Phnom Penh
Form of government Unitary Parliamentary Monarchy
Size in km² 176520
Population 15577899
Year of construction 2007 (rec)


Type Classroom
Volume 188700


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KH Parliament


The bicameral parliament is housed in a Khmer-style building which was inaugurated in 2007, the year of the parliament's 60th anniversary. The legislature, which consists of the National Assembly ("Radhsphea") and the Senate ("Protsaphea") is now the most modern government building in the country. Built on the site of its predecessor but exceeding it many times in size, the castellated mansion that stands next to a casino cost 26 million dollars.

Facts & Figures

KH I16.png

Members of parliament 123 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 3.263
Number of women 25 HDI 0,555
Pop. per MP 126.650 Democracy index 4,27
CO2 total 4.760 CO2 per capita 0,30


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Site Plan

Parliament overview