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National Data

Belgium Flag Belgium Flag
Country Belgium
Country code BE
City Brussels
Form of government Federal Parliamentary Monarchy
Size in km² 30280
Population 11299192
Year of construction 1783


Type Semi-circle
Volume 60500
Architect Gilles-Barnabé Guimard (FR)


Der Palast der Nation (französisch: Palais de la Nation, niederländisch: Paleis der Natie) in der belgischen Hauptstadt Brüssel ist der Sitz des belgischen föderalen Parlaments. Beide Kammern, der belgische föderale Senatund die belgische föderale Abgeordnetenkammer tagen hier.

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BE Parliament


The neoclassicist "Palace of Nations" was built by the French architect Gilles-Barnabé Guimard. Charles Alexander of Lorraine commissioned him in 1768 to plan the levelling of the site of Coudenberg Palace, that had been devastated by a blaze in 1731. Guimard thus already began work on this area in 1770, that would later be the new centre of government in Brussels.

Facts & Figures

BE I16.png

Members of parliament 150 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 42.578
Number of women 59 HDI 0,890
Pop. per MP 75.328 Democracy index 7,93
CO2 total 97.212 CO2 per capita 8,70


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