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National Data

Austria Flag Austria Flag
Country Austria
Country code AT
City Vienna
Form of government Federal Semi-Presidential Republic
Size in km² 82409
Population 8544586
Year of construction 1883


Type Semi-circle
Volume 549800
Architect Theophil Hansen (DK)


The Austrian Parliament Building (German: Parlamentsgebäude, colloquially das Parlament) in Vienna is where the two houses of the Austrian Parliament conduct their sessions. The building is located on the Ringstraße boulevard in the first district Innere Stadt, near Hofburg Palace and the Palace of Justice. It was built to house the two chambers of the Imperial Council (Reichsrat), the bicameral legislature of the Cisleithanian (Austrian) part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Up to today, the Parliament Building is the seat of the two houses—the National Council (Nationalrat) and the Federal Council (Bundesrat)—of the Austrian legislature.

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AT Parliament


The tympanum on the Austrian parliament’s portico shows the Austrian emperor Franz Josef I in a very prominent spot – handing over the constitution to personifications of the various nations of the Habsburg Monarchy. However, the emperor’s actual interest in democracy was quite limited: he never once visited his box in the chamber of the Austrian Imperial Council.

Facts & Figures

AT I16.png

Members of parliament 183 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 46.222
Number of women 56 HDI 0,885
Pop. per MP 46.692 Democracy index 8,54
CO2 total 69.808 CO2 per capita 8,19


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