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National Data

Australia Flag Australia Flag
Country Australia
Country code AU
City Canberra
Form of government Federal Parliamentary Monarchy
Size in km² 7682300
Population 23968973
Year of construction 1988


Type Horseshoe
Volume 1092700
Architect Romaldo Giurgola (IT)


Parliament House is the meeting facility of the Parliament of Australia located in Canberra, the capital of Australia. The building was designed by Mitchell/Giurgola Architects and opened on 9 May 1988 by Elizabeth II,Queen of Australia. Costing around A$1.1 billion, it was the most expensive building in the world at the time of its construction.[citation needed]

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AU Parliament


In its new constitution, the 1901 Federation of Australia decided to establish a capital city that would be at least 100 miles away from Sydney. In 1927, the parliament in Canberra initially moved to an interim building with 185 rooms. Their new building containing 4500 rooms was erected next to the old one and opened in 1988. It was designed as an artificial hill with boomerang-shaped incisions that would fit into the surrounding landscape. The only vertical structure is an 81-metre lightweight flagpole construction made of steel.

Facts & Figures

AU I16.png

Members of parliament 150 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 43.930
Number of women 40 HDI 0,935
Pop. per MP 159.793 Democracy index 9,01
CO2 total 409.399 CO2 per capita 17,30


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