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|'''Volume'''                        || 237900
|'''Volume'''                        || 237900
|'''Architect'''                    || Dar Al-Handasah (LB)/ Teixeira Duarte (PT)
|'''Architect'''                    || Dar Al-Handasah (LB), Teixeira Duarte (PT)

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National Data

Angola Flag Angola Flag
Country Angola
Country code AO
City Luanda
Form of government Unitary Presidential Republic
Size in km² 1246700
Population 25021974
Year of construction u.c.


Type unknown
Volume 237900
Architect Dar Al-Handasah (LB), Teixeira Duarte (PT)


320px-Nova_Assembleia_Nacional_Luanda_03.JPG [Wikipedia Picture]


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AO Parliament


"In Luanda there are no matches. Nor is there any soap, milk, salt or aspirin", wrote Gabriel García Márquez on the capital of Angola in 1977. Oil and diamonds have made Luanda the most expensive city in Africa today. The neoclassicist parliament building begun in 2010 is to cost 200 million dollars, covering a more than 35,000m² plot and providing parking for 503 cars.

Facts & Figures

AO I16.png

Members of parliament 220 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 7.600
Number of women 81 HDI 0,532
Pop. per MP 113.736 Democracy index 3,35
CO2 total 25.013 CO2 per capita 1,10


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