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National Data

Afghanistan Flag Afghanistan Flag
Country Afghanistan
Country code AF
City Kabul
Form of government Unitary Presidential Islamic Republic
Size in km² 652230
Population 32526562
Year of construction 2015


Type classroom
Volume 179000
Architect Central Public Works Department (IN)


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AF Parliament


Construction of the new Afghan parliament complex was funded by the Indian state and consists of four sections: the Lower House, the Upper House, offices, and the entrance area. It had originally been planned to make the façade of Afghan Samangan marble, but owing to the security situation in the province of the same name, it was not possibly to quarry sufficient quantities of this marble-like stone.

Facts & Figures

AF I16.png

Members of parliament 249 GPD per capita in PPP in US$ 1.933
Number of women 69 HDI 0,465
Pop. per MP 130.629 Democracy index 2,77
CO2 total 7.873 CO2 per capita 0,30


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